In addition to the experts, investors evaluate the performance of various businesses operating in the same industry or market segment by using industry analysis. It allows them to determine how different companies stack up in terms of performance within a certain industry or market by analyzing their financials and assessing their competitiveness and riskiness. Financial statement is a report which describes the financial health of a company. Financial statements are usually compiled on a quarterly and annual basis and provide useful financial information to the user of financial statement. Financial statements are often audited by government agencies, accountants, firms, etc. A critical and thorough examination of the financial statements of a company in order to understand the data contained in it, is known as ‘ Financial Statement Analysis ‘.

BD Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2023 Financial Results – BD – Investor Relations – BD

BD Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2023 Financial Results – BD.

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For making the economic reports the main objective for the businesses is to show the financial position of the companies to the market. Financial reporting not only helps the investors but through the help of the reports the companies can measure their profits. Also, by properly analyzing the reports the businesses can design attractive techniques through which they can approach several new clients.

Estimated position and not real position:

It follows that the balance sheet may be misleading if a substantial percentage of the figure displayed is reliant on prior costs. The environmental consciousness of a firm’s activities or how everything collaborates with the local area is an example of non-financial aspects that the company does not cover in the financial statements. Even a company with stellar financial success could struggle in all those other aspects. While looking at the balance sheet, in which the valuations of the assets and debts may alter over the period, it is an issue.

Assets shown in balance sheet are on the basis of going concerns but they may not realise the stated values, profit and loss of concerns, based on conventions of conservation hence it fails to represent exact profit and loss i.e. Depreciation, provision for bad & doubtful debts are based on estimates. Financial statements are a rich source of financial data insights for an organization. By analyzing historical financial data and key metrics, trends, and ratios within financial statements, it’s possible to understand how well an organization has been performing, compared to industry peers and competitors. Through this evaluation process, CFOs and financial planning and analysis professionals can identify areas that require improvement or further exploration for better decision-making and improved organizational outcomes. Financial analysis is based on financial statements, which are merely a record of historical cost.

Bangladesh – Twin Deficit Pressures to Ease – Fitch Ratings

Bangladesh – Twin Deficit Pressures to Ease.

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His area of interest is finance and accounting and he has equally goods interest in research in the same area. He has published more than 125 research papers in International and National refereed journals and refereed conferences. He has been awarded best paper award for his paper presented in an international conference in Thailand. He is the editorial board member for three International Journals and reviewer to more than twenty International and national Journals. Social, economic and political conditions in which the various firms are operating may be different and this inter-firm analysis may not be true and useful. Explanation of the results of the analysis involves human decision.

These disclosures give shareholders information on the management’s performance and quality, the company’s income ability and financial stability. The potential shareholders could determine whether to further invest in the company by evaluating the financial statements to determine the firm’s ability to make a profit, its current status and its future opportunities. The price of the assets purchased by the Company and thus the liabilities it owes change with time and depends on market factors. The financial statements do not provide the current value of such assets and liabilities.

The importance and usefulness of these comments diminish when the team prepares them with excessive lag limitations of financial statements. They have to be comparable to earlier assertions or those who create issues or industries similar to yours. The usefulness of financial statements is increased through comparability.

How to Limitations of Financial Statements, Features and Importance

The limitations of financial accounting are what make it difficult to use. However, if you can combat these limitations then you will find that this type of accounting is helpful for your company. In order to do so, many small companies turn to accrual accounting. Accrual accounting allows companies to use a system that looks at the company’s financial transactions in a more holistic way. In this way, you can see how paying bills will affect your company in the long term.

However, when making strategic choices, it is essential to remember that financial reports are merely one element of the data accessible for conducting an industry or competitor analysis. Other aspects like customer reviews and market trends should also be considered. This blog post will explore the fundamentals of financial statement analysis along with its various applications in analyzing industries, competitors, and more.


Hence, these statements need proper analysis before their use in decision-making. Is that by focusing just on a single financial quarter, a viewer of accounting records may obtain an inaccurate impression of a company’s financial performance or working capital. Either one quarter may deviate from a company’s typical operational results, whether as a consequence of a sharp increase in sales or the impacts of periodicity. To get a better understanding of current performance, it is preferable to study a lot of successive financial statements. Various financial statements focus on various aspects of monetary success. The financial reporting of a firm includes a variety of monetary data that investors and creditors use to assess the company’s economic performance.

Top 10 Limitations of Financial Statement

Financial statements presenting financial data for two or more periods are called comparative statements. Comparative financial statements usually give similar reports for the current period and for one or more preceding periods. Comparative statements are considerably more significant than are single-year statements. Financial Ratios and Financial Statement Analysis emphasizes on the influence of financial analysis in business. The important figures in a financial statement are intertwined by many a relationship.

As a result, balance sheets and other records might turn out to be ambiguous since these are dependent on historical costs. The information, product and services provided on this website are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without any warranty or representation, express or implied. Khatabook Blogs are meant purely for educational discussion of financial products and services. Khatabook does not make a guarantee that the service will meet your requirements, or that it will be uninterrupted, timely and secure, and that errors, if any, will be corrected. The material and information contained herein is for general information purposes only. Consult a professional before relying on the information to make any legal, financial or business decisions.

Government – It needs information to determine various macroeconomic variables such as national income, GDP, industrial growth, etc. Hence, in order to assess the viability and prospects of their investments, they need information about the profitability and solvency position of the business. Financial statements help evaluate a company’s financial health through three primary financial statements, the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.

Recommendation regarding the purpose of the analysis, such as whether to make an investment or grant credit. Develop and communicate conclusions and recommendations (e.g., with an analysis report). Discussions with management, suppliers, customers, and competitors, Company site visits (e.g., to production facilities or retails stores). Nature and content of report to be provided Timetable and budgeted resources for completion. The nature of the analyst’s function, such as evaluating an equity or debt investment or issuing a credit rating. Prepare a Trial Balance on the basis of the balances of various accounts in the ledger.

Financial statements are prepared at the end of every accounting period. But, the actual position of the business can be known only when the business is closed. Hence, financial statements may not reveal the exact position of the business concern. Adjustments for price level changes are not made in the financial statements. Hence, financial statements may not reveal the current position.

With straight-line depreciation, the company would divide the cost by the number of years the asset will be used. This means that over time, the company will see a decline in depreciation expense each year. With accelerated depreciation, the company would divide by half or double that amount depending on how quickly it expects its assets to wear out. However, when you are looking at specific transactions or periods of time, the time value of money might be useful to consider. For example, if your company makes a purchase with cash now vs credit in 10 years, the cash becomes more valuable because there’s less risk for inflation over time. These are some limitations of financial statement that can highly influence the results.


All of these reports, in turn, enable the company in determining the best way to maximize profits. It not only shows the economic situation clearly, but it also leads to future decision-making. It displays the accounts as of the last date, which is the financial year’s conclusion, and it displays the balances for future business investments using the balance sheet. Maintaining the cash flow positively is important for the companies. Statement of cash flows shows the influx and outflow of characteristics experienced by the company over the time under consideration.


Financial reporting is the process of communicating a company’s entire financial information, such as financial statements, to the financial statement’s users, such as investors and creditors. Companies that issue financial statements are commonly considered to indicate financial capability. It informs creditors and public officials about the company’s profitability and financial stability.

Financial reports help organizations and investors in making critical choices. The question now is, which details are included in the reporting? Then, in financial reporting, the following details are included. Analyzing these figures offers insight into whether operations are running optimally or if there is room for improvement within the organization compared to others in the same sector. Following are the limitations of financial analysis excepta)Single yea… Financial Statement Analysis particularly Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss account are very useful for taking long time investment decision.

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Summit Midstream Partners, LP Reports First Quarter 2023 Financial ….

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Dr. Anil K. Sharma a Professor in the area of Finance & Accounting in the Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee is M. Phil, First Class First and Gold Medalist and Ph.D. in Financial Management from Panjab University Chandigarh. He is working at IIT Roorkee for the past more than 17 years and has more than 24 years teaching experience in total.

  • In order to get around this restriction, the method for preparing interim financial statements has been created in a number of industrialized countries across the world, including the United States.
  • Despite its limitations, financial statement analysis can still yield useful insights into a company’s fiscal performance.
  • Phil, First Class First and Gold Medalist and Ph.D. in Financial Management from Panjab University Chandigarh.
  • While preparing financial statements, certain postulates are adhered to.
  • The figures of different years are taken on nominal values and not in real terms (i. not taking price change into considerations).

These measures often involve comparing net income with sales or total assets over time to determine trends in operating performance. Examples include gross profit margin , return on equity (net income divided by shareholder’s equity), return on assets , etc. The financial statements of a company reflect a true picture of its financial performances.