Use traditional promotion techniques, print media, word of mouth, and anything you can use to attract users. Nothing is surprising about the benefits of old-school branding and promotion. Be it technology tools or FMCG brands, branding and promotions have proven their worth across the capital world and still hold significant relevance.

easy app conversion

The chances are high that the answer is too many times to count. With so many apps competing for our attention, it’s critical to focus on your app’s ability to accomplish a user’s top tasks quickly and efficiently. Consider sending an email reminder to complete the purchase with vibrant images and compelling calls to action.

Shorten Sign-up and Payment Processes

Leveraging the traffic you have on other sources and platforms is ideal to be redirected towards digital properties like mobile and web applications. Websites, YouTube channels, and blogs can be used to create interlinks to cross-promote your app. The app’s UI/UX should be simple and should avoid a sharp learning curve. The design and the flow of the app should be intuitive, making use of the established pattern wherever deemed fit.

Sending special customized offers on push notifications attracts the user and increases your chances of converting them. It is a cookie-based tech that uses simple JavaScript code to anonymously converting android app to ios follow your audience around the web. Retargeting is a powerful branding and conversion optimization tool that functions best ‌with outbound and inbound marketing or demand generation.

How to increase your install to purchase conversion rate

Calculation of the Mobile App Conversion rate also depends on your industry. The user action which defines the MAC varies from industry to industry. The image below shows actions for various app categories that act as conversion points. Or by calculating the number of users who make an app purchase. If you’re getting traffic to your app, you want it to be high quality and interested in what you offer.

  • Also, setup tries to install additional programs you may or may not want.
  • For example with a video converter you can choose quality, aspect ratio, codec and other settings, rotate and flip.
  • Something else I don’t like is that it’s no longer being developed, so it’ll no longer receive updates.
  • Consider the optimization in light of your own experience and expectation the first time you interact with an app on the store.
  • With mobile app marketing best practices, ensure you focus on regional marketing.
  • With MLSDev, the porting process will be precise and clear.
  • Or by calculating the number of users who make an app purchase.

Detailed information about buttons, design and navigation systems. Your device buttons play the main role in the process of interaction with your application. The smartphones based on both OS systems have different buttons and different positions.

Place Meaningful Ads

Filling in forms via a mobile app is obviously much more difficult, especially via smartphone. That means you will only be asking for the bare minimum of information – name and email address. Here is some great information related to the length of forms and app conversion rate, provided by Quicksprout.

However, I don’t like that I have to know the format of the source video file before converting it, which is an extra step than most other video converter programs. EncodeHD is a portable video converter program that makes it easy to convert your files to formats readable by various mobile devices and gaming systems. Any Video Converter supports more input video formats than any other video converter program I’ve used. While testing the program, it seemed to convert quickly, and without any troubles. The only thing I didn’t like was the window that appeared after each video conversion, suggesting that I upgrade to enable more output formats. Regardless of the conversion rate involved, an e-commerce website or blog owner should focus efforts on how to increase the mobile app conversion rate.

TIP 6: Make e-commerce conversions easy and seamless

This naturally increases the number of final consumers you are serving and the number of downloads as well. Many successful app marketers have highlighted how one extra step can result in thousands of users bouncing back. Take the number of users who took action on your app, divide it by the total traffic that visited your app store page, and multiply it by 100.

easy app conversion

It reflects how the final user is utilizing the app and what kind of impression your app is making in their lives. It helps identify the connection between the users who find your app, download it, register themselves, and also make in-app purchases. Ensure that you’re tracking the key metrics to improve marketing results. Gaining access to accurate app conversion data is critical for marketers to be able to pinpoint behaviors that lead to positive and more profitable results.

Ratings and reviews

In contrast, the design elements are flat and direct in flat design. For a better understanding, please check out the examples in the illustration below. First of all, the software development company, together with the client, collects and analyzes all materials available from the existing app. Any professional software developer is aware of this fact and optimizes the app functionality for the best app operation and performance on a new platform. More and more programmers begin to use Kotlin in Android app development. Just like the languages we speak, programming languages also have their own syntax and semantics, rules, algorithms, etc.

easy app conversion

The cost to convert an Android app to iOS is formed from all the mentioned aspects. Check out the table for the tech stack summarizing the components necessary once you decide to convert an Android app to iOS or in reverse. If you convert an iOS app to Android, use material design.

Display Screenshots of Your App on App Stores

Once they start associating good emotions with your app, conversion rates are likely to rise up. Apps designed to be intuitive and straightforward will always win out over apps that are hard to use or confusing in any way. To improve app conversion rate the user interface should help users accomplish their goals quickly and efficiently while avoiding any potential frustrations. If you want to improve app conversion rate in stores, it starts with excellent performance. You’ll gain more visibility and organic downloads if your app is rated highly. But here is a list of 6 tips that will easily increase your mobile app conversion rate.