The system shall write on white paper with the specified level of darkness. The interviewer wants to test the basic testing skills, knowledge and intuitiveness of your testing capabilities. If you are an experienced candidate, the interviewer wants to check on how you test something new that’s not related to the domain. If you do use this example then you may want to consider a positive and negative test scenario where the eraser works and doesn’t work.

negative test cases for pencil

Gather functional requirements and functional specifications of the system. The basic test case provided in the article might have given the right idea on the test case creation process. The thinking process mentioned there would help you create the test cases of actual software applications. This article will guide will how to answer this question effectively and also as a bonus you’ll understand how to write effective and efficient test cases in testing interviews or for testing any product. One suggestion, Before starting, explain or write test scenarios for Pencil Test Case, make sure you have got all of the requirements. If Not, try to ask all kinds of questions running through your mind so that you can answer well and will not get stuck after writing a few Pencil Test Cases.

Test cases For Pencil

These types of questions are asked by the interviewers not to get an answer but to explore the candidates testing knowledge, skills, abilities, ideas, understanding of their thought processes, etc. Such questions are similar to integration testing where the test covers various aspects of the application, this question would probe the candidates to showcase their testing knowledge. Immediately after the WFT, the Picture ECR test was administered. In the first test, participants recalled eight items that the examiner had read at the encoding stage and wrote them down as many as possible regardless of order and typography. In the next test, the participants engaged in a cue replay test using eight category names.

negative test cases for pencil

While writing on page ink coming out of the pen point, so it should neither dry quickly nor dry too late. Gather requirements of the pencil like weight, color, size and dimensions etc. ( This is a traditional SDLC approach ). If you’re interested in knowing what is involved with becoming a software tester, then feel free to read the article. As always, you should ask lots of questions and NEVER assume the behaviour of how the pencil will work. Another example you might want to think about is whether or not the pencil has an eraser. Below are a list of functional and non functional test cases for a pencil that you should add to your test plan.

Sample Test Cases For Pencil

The study was conducted under the Declaration of Helsinki, and the Institutional Review Board and Ethics Committee of the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute for Geriatrics and Gerontology have received ethical approval(Acceptance No.0083). Informed consent was obtained by explaining the study methods, data handling, and publication to the experimental participants orally and in writing before the study. The examiner’s behavior can also be considered a future task. In PAPLICA, individual interventions may influence other participants.

Surprisingly enough, there are some of you out there that actually DO test pencils. However, very recently I did just that and it got me thinking. The hardness of the pencil ranges from 1 to 4, where 1 is the softest and 4 is the hardest.


Through this investigation, EFL teachers in Ecuador and around the world will be able to get valuable information that will guide their assessment practices in EFL classrooms. The PAPLICA used in this study included tests in which scores decline with aging and neurodegeneration. Therefore, it is possible to make quantitative judgments regarding the scores obtained from the tests and qualitative judgments regarding whether the decline in scores is due to aging or neurodegeneration.

  • 1) Check the paper is of correct size, texture, color, material, translucent/opaque.
  • The Word DRT was administered in two parts (encoding and testing).
  • Check whether there is an expected error message or the validation has successfully been passed.
  • First things first, Identify and cross check the system under test without any ambiguity.
  • I also find that an assumption is being made – the pencil can be sharpened.

The participants wrote their answers using a pencil provided in the booklet. 2)check quality od paper by using different pen and pencils. Checking fields a tester should always pay attention to whether it is marked as required for filling or not. The omission of the required fields should always provoke errors with an appropriate accompanying message. Here we are going to present the most popular and useful negative tests for functional verification you should definitely include into QA activities.

1) Check the paper is of correct size, texture, color, material, translucent/opaque. Negative testing is a testing technique when invalid test case for pencil input data are used for software quality assessment. Its purpose is to check the software behavior in case of invalid input.