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The Accademia Italiana Ricerca Orale  was born with the aim of promoting scientific progress in the dental field, considering the oral cavity as "the window on systemic health".

The objective is to create a cultural movement, made up of doctors, dentists and hygienists who take note of how the microbiota of the oral cavity is able to influence the systemic health of the individual and plays a fundamental role between symbiosis and dysbiosis.

Around this professional awareness, the concept of "oral medicine" develops and the creation of a profile different from the "dentist" which will allow the development of a new figure, the "oral doctor" capable of interacting, for diagnostic purposes, with specialists operating in the various systemic branches.

This research is focused on improving individual health, following the emerging concept of System Medicine. Preventive, predictive, personalized and participatory medicine.

Our working group carries out research on active ingredients to be used in oral care without side effects on humans. It also publishes the results of its research at a national and international level. One of AIRO's objectives is to reduce the use of antibiotics and develop bacterial and genetic tests of the oral cavity for individual and targeted treatments. The use of probiotics, ozone therapy, oxygen therapy and photodynamics are other areas of our research. We also observe with great attention the development of immunomodulators and the concept of low-dose in medicine

Airo, in collaboration with international foundations and national bodies, also develops preventive methods in old age and the correlations between oral biome and oncogenesis.


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